Why travel to Nepal?

"If you sometimes question yourself in cool mind that why I am visiting to Nepal? There can be many things that can proof your worth full answer I am visit this country in these reason.”

If you sometimes question yourself in cool mind that why I am visiting to Nepal? There can be many things that can proof your worth full answer I am visit this country in these reason. The genius answer is Nepal the country of high Himalayas and mountains that are filled with the emerald it is embroidering with colorful flowers, unspoiled forests, and world’s highest mountains to deep George’s, the sacred bless of Buddha and his peace chanting. Rivers, valleys, low land Treai, villages and its amusing friendly peoples. Nepal has a glorious history of veteran Gurkhas’ never lose their sovereignty. The uniqueness of the country is you get all kind of climate taste within 200km distance. The cultural diversity of this nation is amazing as more than dozen of religion and 100 castes of people are staying together with social harmony it is best place for Socio-cultural researcher to make research people’s reconciliation. When you landed in to this country you will find a wide variety of climate and vegetation ranging from tropical to alpine vegetation. This wide range of vegetation makes favorable condition for different varieties of the flora and fauna to thrive. For natural lovers you will find all kind of nature beauty picturesque Himalayan ranges to hills you can jump up, rivers and waterfall, caves and rocky cliffs, the cascading green pastures. The country is paradise for bird watchers, interested to endanger species and world’s rare wildlife. Unparalleled spectacular Himalayan views are another character of this country the laughing Himalayas are always keeps this country in its lap and breastfeeding to its handworker dearer. Nepal is the country where you find the temples more than houses and statue more than country’s populace. Ancient temples listed in world heritage site (UNESCO) and monasteries, tradition. culture and art of living of the Nepali people has attracted the travelers from globe. Nepal is the country where you can see the living goddess Kumari. The national park to wildlife conservation centers that scatter from low land to high Mt. Everest region is not comparable with other counties in the world. The Himali son Sherpa and its mountaineering profession are highly regarded by western world. The Tibet boarding side in northern part and Indian boarding southern part feels that you have make your tip from land to sky. The Himalayan region of Nepal is inhibited by the Tibetan like Buddhist people. The rugged topography, snowy and frosted peaks, Buddhist peoples dominates the region. Mount Everest (8,848m.) the highest mountain is the prime attraction of Nepal.

Nepal offers these famous activities like adventure trekking, mountaineering, peak climbing in Himalayan Region , jungle safari tour in plain region, sightseeing tour in and around the historical cities, rafting in river , hiking in hills , bungy jumping over the river, mountain flight to glimpse the Himalayas, paragliding and so on. Let’s take an opportunity to explore this hidden treasure and see what you can take back with you in your dream holiday.

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