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Lhakpa Sherpa, mountain and trekking guide.

(Mobile: +977 984 295 83 58 | E-mail: lakpas52@gmail.com)

Allow us to introduce you to Lhakpa Sherpa, a skilled and experienced mountain guide and climber in the Himalayas. Born in 1987, Lhakpa has been a guide since 2008. His love for the mountains runs deep, and he finds peace in their serene surroundings.

Growing up in a small mountain Sherpa village, mountaineering is ingrained in Lhakpa’s blood. His expertise lies in his extensive knowledge of the trekking areas in the Himalayas, as well as his deep understanding of the history of Buddhism. He completed various training courses and holds the necessary qualifications and papers to be a guide in the Himalayas. By climbing Manaslu he is also an 8000m peak summiteer. He is knowledgeable in the best practices for trekking and climbing, as well as in the safety protocols necessary for exploring the challenging terrain of the region. As a result, he is well-equipped to guide trekkers and climbers through the region’s harsh terrain and provide a unique perspective on the local culture.

Lhakpa is also fluent in English, making communication with him easy and effortless. His friendly and approachable demeanor makes him an excellent companion for anyone embarking on a mountain adventure. As a native of Nepal and a member of the Sherpa community, Lhakpa possesses a deep knowledge and understanding of the local culture and religion. He is happy to share his insights and stories with those who trek with him, giving them a unique and immersive experience of Nepal and its people.

Lhakpa’s passion for the mountains and his expertise as a guide make him an excellent choice for anyone looking to explore the Himalayas or other areas of Nepal. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or a curious trekker, Lhakpa Sherpa’s knowledge and experience will ensure that your journey is both safe and memorable.

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